The Provenance Paradox

I read the HBR, Dec-10, article Why You Aren't Buying Venezuelan Chocolote. I like chocolate and  Venezuela has the best cacao beans and I thought, why do people limit their own guts, by thinking that only, say, Belgium or Switzerland can make top chocolate.

The article recommends strategies to overcome the provenance paradox, which in principle say: either you are large enough to build a brand for the long haul, or you hide and downplay the origin ....

Wouldn't one expect top valuation and risk management software comes from NY Wall Street, London City, ... ?
We, at UnRisk, are exotic. Twofold. We are Austrians (not even from Vienna) and, although we put emphasis on advanced quant finance solutions, we remain coal-faced mathematicians who do not keep off the fire and sparks of steel making, if we are asked to protecting really hot systems from blowing up.
We will never deny. Our customers, who have to make big decisions every moment, enjoy the difference.