Risk Management and the Innocence of the Banana Peel

In risk-management-illustrated articles, you often find the banana peel. This shall suggest that it is dangerous, if you don't see it on the pavement you walk ...

Is risk equal to danger?
No, danger is one sided and risk is two sided: it creates opportunities and danger. This should make clear that risk management is not a necessary but productive appendage, or worse painful - not natural.
Optimizing risk for the best possible outcome makes a maximum positive contribution - and this requires to utilize specific mathematical calculations, not just instinct.

Build, Measure, Learn

About 15 years ago we built some convertible bond pricing tools for a London based trading desk. From that point we built the Unriskverse.

Pricing To Create Shared Value

Yesterday, I read this article in the HBR, Jun-12 magazine issue and realized that our customer-first principle, viewing customers as partners in value creation is exactly what the author recommends.

Our pricing scheme values coverage, computational performance and accessibility as well as use status.

Oh, That's Near Enough?

This article in this week's The Economist discusses on the microchip level what we haven been thinking on the algorithms.
2009 I wrote here When Good ENUF is Great after we have presented the Risky Horror Show at Wilmott Finance focus.

Risk Intelligence

Enthusiastic about our new release and the progress of the All-New UnRisk project, I have been a bit quiet about reads I find insightful and exciting.
Like another article of Aaron Brown. Risk Intelligentce released in the Wilmott Magazine, March-12.