Pricing To Create Shared Value

Yesterday, I read this article in the HBR, Jun-12 magazine issue and realized that our customer-first principle, viewing customers as partners in value creation is exactly what the author recommends.

Our pricing scheme values coverage, computational performance and accessibility as well as use status.

Take our UnRisk FACTORY. It comes as single power FACTORY with 4 computational kernels and 2 concurrent users or as group FACTORY with 8 computational kernels and 4 concurrent users or as enterprise FACTORY starting wit 20 computational kernels and unlimited users.
Single and group accessible via the intranet, enterprise open to the extranet as well.

The UnRisk FACTORY is a highly automated portfolio across scenario analytics system that has an enormous throughput combining valuation and data management for full evidence of the process through risk management processes. The functionality is identical from the smallest to the largest installation and licenses can be up graded for the exact price deltas.

UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager is our version devoted to investment and capital management groups, it is bundled with the UnRisk VaR Universe. It is EUR 60,250 with 8 computational kernels and 4 concurrent users. This is the purchase price and includes one year premium service. It is a complete solution for immediate utilization.

With UnRisk-Q we have unleashed our engine technology enabling quant developers to create their own solutions. Tt is a development system and solution.

Unlike others we don't charge extra for the development capabilities. UnRisk-Q starts at EUR 7135 only, purchase price including one year premium service.  It comes as an UnRisk and a Mathematica license for  a single machine supporting 4 computation kernels. And has the full coverage.