Dutch Science Quiz

Usually, on 31-Dec, one might thinks of a bang of the ending year, a great achievement, values that created great opportunities for the new year ....

I am a senior member of Wilmott. I like the spirited discussion about topics in economy, quant finance, mathematics, technology, programming, but also off topics ... 

Chief Executive Buyer

In Dec-12 we closed 3 deals with comparatively small financial institutions. Subject: capital management. Product: UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager.

Panorama Photos Tell You More

I enjoyed another few days cross country skiing in the Antholz Valley. I decided quite spontaneously looking into the short term weather forecast. As expected, it snowed when I arrived and put the necessary 30 cm atop  the thin icy snow pack and the rest of the days it was continuously sunny but cold enough ....

Prediction - Disruptive Innovation - Reinvention

IT predictions for for 2013 are coming in this days and regulatory and business requirements will continuing drive financial institutions to take leading positions in technology.

Transparency, No .....?

This morning, I read this post in Mark Buchanan's Blog.

IMO, the question to be answered first: market clearance pricing (from price to cost) or fair prices (from cost to price)? Provided market clearance pricing works well, market prices are fair prices. If I believe the price is fair, I am not interested in the price structure at all.

Recommendations on More Legs

Sadly, I have not posted with the label If UnRisk was a ... for a while. But I find it still important. Why? I have introduced this topic not to artificially promote our level of innovativeness, but because I often ask myself: What would makers who care to sell products and services to people who care recommend us?

No, We Are Not Industrialists

This post is the third about our risk management engines and FACTORY with respect to foundations, constructions, development processes and positioning. The Inside of the Outside as the Outside ... is about the flexible construction - Sell Products to Customers Who Care about the principle positioning and our understanding of innovation.

XL for Xmas

A kind of ad that you might find quite frequently right now. XL may be a clothing size but also brands have XL extensions. Cars, computers, music labels, ... and even a programming language, not to be confused with XML.

Sell Products to Customers Who Care

Most providers start by selling products and services to people and organizations who care. And hope to grow from there. In our case, to financial experts who care about accuracy and robustness of derivatives and risk analytics and white box principles to detect hidden traps and understand model and method risk.

The Inside of the Outside as the Outside of ...

UnRisk-Q builds the computational engine of UnRisk FACTORY products. With UnRisk-Q version 6 we introduced high-level web services that link UnRisk-Q to the UnRisk FACTORY data base - FACTORY objects and data can be programmatically manipulated with full UnRisk functionality.