Chief Executive Buyer

In Dec-12 we closed 3 deals with comparatively small financial institutions. Subject: capital management. Product: UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager.

From the first requirement analysis on we enjoyed dealing with the company heads of the capital management firms. It makes it so easy to get the right people and information together. One problem-oriented, individual presentation is usually enough. Decisions are made quickly and profound - the feed back includes: why. They like flexible automation of the solution and avoiding long time-to-productivity and high technology risk.

Why is this so? Because they also sell - financial concepts and solutions. And their customers appreciate innovativeness, transparency and reactiveness.

But what I, as technology provider, find the most motivating aspect: they do not apply a management logic that I found flawed in innovative businesses, like financial markets.
They are NOT cross-buyers (buying more ..), who probably would overuse customer services in all channels, reverse revenues later by freezing technologies, rejecting update and upgrade services or limit spending by just putting a cross buying limit for the company, asking what they can get for it.

They buy what is required and increase revenues with us, only if add-ons and innovations pay back.

We don't cross-sell - we believe in principle requirements and options. We believe that encouraging customers to buy more is a costly mistake.

This is why our licensing and pricing schemes are flexible but simple, they allow for purchase or comprehensive leasing with incremental growth possibilities along add-ons, performance or users, with premium services options, ...
Chief Executive Buyers know exactly what their total cost of ownership of UnRisk products and services will be and what the add-on options are.

And they even tell us: that they are unprecedented low...