UnRisk 6 and Mathematica 9

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk-Q support Mathematica 9.

In the Mathematica front-end quant developers have the UnRisk domain-specific language calling bank-proof, blazingly fast pricing and calibration engines, a VaR universe and other financial objects and utilities, but also the comprehensive Mathematica functionality.

Mathematica 8 has already offered probably the most advanced statistics and probability package.
Mathematica 9 comes with an integration of R and many other new features.

So, quant developers using UnRisk engine benefit from the very fast development of UnRisk, now at version 6, and Mathematica, now at version 9.

UnRisk/Mathematica seats (node locked or floating network) supported up to 4 parallel computational kernels. They will from now on support up to 8 parallel computational kernels.
A NW-5 license for 5 concurrent users in a network supports now 5 front-end and up to 40 computational kernels (in portions of 8).