Barcelona, much more than home of soccer champions

We are passionate about future technologies, but you might call us old-fashioned in our business principles. We want business-development partners who share our strategic-marketing view: responsiveness and transparency.

If UnRisk was a Chili Pepper

It most probably was a Habanero, one of the most spicy species of chili peppers, which will rate approx. 300.000 Scoville units .
The Habanero's fruity flavor and aroma has led to an explosion of recipes and processed hot sauces.
Some have called it a designer-chili and "relatives" have been developed, which are the hottest of the hot. However, you can still enjoy the wonderful flavour of the Habanero by using less.

We Take Our Model & Method Risk Seminar to Banks

Our compact seminar was well accepted in several places. We have now decided to refine it and offer the following modules in form of 4-5 hours seminars each, on-site.

If UnRisk was a Fashion Design Shop

it most probably was that of Issey Miyake. He is known for his technology-driven clothing. In the late 80ies he began to experiment with new methods of pleating resulting in a new technique called garment pleating and a line Pleats Please.It is a radical form of contemporary clothing that combines technology, functionality and beauty. He continued to challenge the way in which new clothing is made using new proceses that harness computer technology to industrial knitting and weaving machines, producing tubes of cotton polyester stretch fabric. Garments to be cut customized on users. In a project titled A-POC (a Piece of Cloth). He works with a team of young designers.
Generic technologies for customization, this is what we like. And I wear IM with joy.

Booming Boutiques

Recently, I read (in Institutional Investor) Investment Banking: top bankers are fleeing big firms for independent advisory boutiques