Barcelona, much more than home of soccer champions

We are passionate about future technologies, but you might call us old-fashioned in our business principles. We want business-development partners who share our strategic-marketing view: responsiveness and transparency.

Solventis , Barcelona, Spain does. In their Financial Consulting division they offer services that are highly specialized and uncompromisingly practical.
Solventis is a pioneer UnRisk PRICING ENGINE user and runs an UnRisk FACTORY application server enabling their customers accelerating time-to-insight in risk profiles. Solventis customizes the system and customers access it via a web browser. But there is nothing which prevents Solventis from the migration of a dedicated UnRisk system to the customer. So, it became natural that Solventis is our business-development partner in their markets.
With Guillermo Alfaro Bau , management team member, and his working-group, we enjoy a constant insightful discussion on requirements-models-methods / opportunities-traps-constraints. In frequent workshops, we discuss like in our own strategic development meetings.
The first time in Barcelona (40 years ago?), I watched a Barcelona versus Inter Milano soccer game. Young and wild, I felt like in a "Rolling Stones" concert in a stadium packed with 135.000 entusiasts. Impressive.
Now, I am impressed about Barcelona's progressive development in so many layers, from (beyond-Gaudi) architecture to business.

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