Harnessing The Power of Feedback Loops

Article in WIRED, July 2011. Our brains and our behavior are driven by feedback loops. 
In factory automation, feedback loops are used to control machines tools, robots, transportation and handling systems, assembly, ... to go-to mechanisms need to know where-they are. Machine behavior is the result of constant instantiation, calibration and recalibration of models, say geometric, kinematic, dynamic, elasto-plastic, thermal, ... in feedback loops.

Risk Analytics In Time

About our achievements and the benefits of concrete partnership with a leading maker of hybrid CPU-GPU systems - a white paper on HPC in Computational Finance by Utilizing NVIDIA GPUs.

Efficient Pricing Engines Are Also Fit For Better Pricing Model Validation

Dangerous biases can creep into decisions even in fields that are assessed as strictly technical. Questions that decision makers in investment and risk management should ask themselves beyond the usual risk - managing model & method risk. Measuring model uncertainties special teams will have delved more deeply into the analysis than the decision maker has time to. Questions, like the following might help

It Is Time For Massive Valuation - and Get Double

On Sunday, I will move to London, where we co-organize the first-in-a-tour Wolfram-NVIDIA-UnRisk event focussing on the acceleration of quant finance tasks.