If UnRisk was a Coffee

It most probably was a Carroux Coffee. I enjoy a few double-espresso cups a day ...

Ulrich Carroux founded his small coffee company in 1998, testing and roasting beans until he found the ideal mixture for the perfect espresso. His high-quality blend quickly gained a leading position in the market, whilst his small café soon counted restaurateurs and chefs among its customers ... Carroux Coffee steadily established itself as a supplier to top-quality restaurants. The six people in the Carroux Coffee team produce 30 tonnes of coffee a year ...

A comparatively small outfit, but very powerful. Applying hybrid technologies for top quality. Uncompromising testers.

Smart solutions have a magical attraction for me, says Carroux. Oh, yes.

Shhh ... UnRisk on nvidia Tesla Workstation from transtec

In search of perfect nvidia Tesla architecture integration we met transtec a company who transforms cutting edge HPC components into powerful and efficient solutions.

Jet Lag May Cause Stupidity

A  Wired Science Blog Post.  .... Jet lag decreases the numbers of new neurons being born in the hippocampus by about 50 percent, the team found ...
So, our UnRisk FACTORY, with its web front-end and server architecture, enabling number crunching in London, valuing in Singapore, backtesting in NY, contributes to the neuron production ..... ;).

It's Not Where You Take Things From - It's Where You Take Things To

said Jean-Luc Godard , the French-Swiss film director, once. I just found this quote by chance and it took me to add some words to my Bebop Finance post.

Bebop Finance?

I like music from all directions. Jazz begun with heracles-kind-of-musicians, like Buddy Bolden, who played music they heard "by ear". To Buddy it was important that his band was heard at the other side of the bay.