Shhh ... UnRisk on nvidia Tesla Workstation from transtec

In search of perfect nvidia Tesla architecture integration we met transtec a company who transforms cutting edge HPC components into powerful and efficient solutions.

In early stages of technology shifts, like CUDA programming - that makes a big transition from number crunching on CPUs to GPUs,  it is extremely important to us to have early adopting partners who are highly committed to such ground breaking technologies.
In Taming The Machine Infernal I have written about our tests - updated in a Look back into 1977 .

This is what transtec provides under Codename FERMI . Perfect to put UnRisk-Q on.
transtec and us quickly agreed to combine forces to driving not only product but also marketing innovation.

Based on a personal supercomputer, easy to set up,  with low cost of ownership, UnRisk-Q will support power-quants to developing their solutions on top of bank-proof models and implementations with a speed-up of up to 200.