Bebop Finance?

I like music from all directions. Jazz begun with heracles-kind-of-musicians, like Buddy Bolden, who played music they heard "by ear". To Buddy it was important that his band was heard at the other side of the bay.

In the mid-1940ies a new style of Jazz was developed, the Bebop
IMO, their core representatives, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk pushed instrumental virtuosity and improvisation to prevent creative copiers from copying (those lacked the foundation and virtuosity). Their music is characterized by fast tempos, asymmetrical phrasing and intricate melodies.
My prototype: Lulu's Back in Town - Th. Monk
It took a while to get more notable musicians to be identified with the bebop, some even took a next step, like Ornette Coleman, making it difficult to him to find like-minded musicians. 

Didn't we have an analogy in quant finance? In searching for higher margins, deal types/models became more complex in order to prevent creative copiers ... ? And didn't this make it difficult for like-minded implementers to adjusts their playing to the complexity?

I strongly believe, yes. I even go that far that I provocatively ask, did short rate models became somehow discredited, because their pricing and calibration engines were implemented (played) so poorly? And, did poor Heston and Bates calibration gave them the etiquette "too-complex"?

As fruit of challenging research and practical testing, we can now say, just as an example: it is possible to calibrate Heston and Bates adequately (accurate and robust) and it is even possible to speed up one calibration task from 8 h to 10 sec.
And with our implementations it makes sense to cross-check LMMs with short-rate models.

Yes, we can play the financial bebop and Ornette's extensions. If you listen to Monk's Lulu's you hear the jumps? Yes we can also play bebop with jumps.
When regimes switch to more complexity, good playing really matters. We don't claim that we are brilliant composers, but we are quite virtuous players.
We also give playing-lessons, in the UnRisk Academy.