The Botox Economy

Satyajit Das, a long-time author in Wilmott magazine found this brilliant metaphor in his article in the May-10 issue. 

Computer Says No

Article title in "The Economist", 24-Jul-10. About the requirement of big banks to reform their IT. Yes is is true our tools influence our thinking more than we want. Banks were the first to use mainframes and many are still thinking in applications of that time, operating lots of different data bases producing numbers.

My Begur Vacation Illustrated

I wrote about the contrast between the impressive Cuba-houses in the center and the (now empty) little-boxes-on-the-hillside-made-of -ticky-tacky ...  in Begur and Bubbles .

UnRisk 4.1 Rolls Out With Many New Deal Types

27-Jul-10 - we have released UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk-Q version 4.1, introduced as UnRisk 4.1. This release is free for all UnRisk Premium Service users and will be shipped to all new customers immediately. UnRisk has been introduced 2001. Now, UnRisk 4.1 is the 17th release.

read more: Release Info

Begur and Bubbles

Back from Begur the village that has many important attractions from medieval remains to prestigious beaches. After two earlier weekend visits I could explore more in the 10 days.

The Computational UnRisksverse

I will take 10 days off and relax in Begur .  This little town is about 1 hour walking distance away from some nice small beaches .  I'll stay at Hotel Aiquaclara in a colonial-style building in the centre. That will keep me in motion.
But in principle, I will do quiet things. 

Shhh, Additional Know How Packages for Quant Developers ...

An internal decision of today:
We have synchronized UnRisk Product developments.  For enterprise-wide pricing strategies all products access the same pricing engines.