Shhh, Additional Know How Packages for Quant Developers ...

An internal decision of today:
We have synchronized UnRisk Product developments.  For enterprise-wide pricing strategies all products access the same pricing engines.

This will not change, but emphasizing on our know how packages approach we will take UnRisk-Q for quant developers on the leading edge. 
What does this mean?
All UnRisk systems have a Mathematica layer that can be seen as high-level model that is parametric for all types of financial tasks, objects and functions. Up to now, we have disclosed the structuring and valuation part only, but in the  near future we will offer quant teams to exploit much more. UnRisk's bank-proof computational knowledge in the Mathematica language.
Quants will enjoy UnRisk's 
  • orthogonal deal type-model-method organization
  • declarative programming style and tools for technology integration
  • Built-in parallel computation and GPU support
  • advanced numerical schemes
For any type of deployment, including the web via webMathematica and webUnRisk.
At the moment approx. 155.000 lines of Mathematica code interact with 610.000 lines of C++ code.
The UnRisk Academy offers the views behind the curtain.