Begur and Bubbles

Back from Begur the village that has many important attractions from medieval remains to prestigious beaches. After two earlier weekend visits I could explore more in the 10 days.

What I found interesting: not so few Begur citizens emigrated to Cuba in the 19th century and after having gained wealth in the, say, tobacco industry returned and built little palaces in the colonial style (I was always wondering about the consistency of the centre architecture of Begur including the hotel, I stayed).
They know, how to do business, I thought, when sitting on the main place in the shadow of an old olive tree.

In general this rather small region of Baix Emporda province has the "wildest" coast with stunning views from the hills.
It has many attractions, including the Mar I Muntanya (sea food + meat) cuisine style (I rather like it puristic and enjoyed grilled Scorpion Fish or the famous Cigales and Gambas from Palamos).
However, not surprisingly the beauty created a real estate boom and (consequently?!) over-capacities. It really can be named a bubble with significant down-pricing. 

Yes, I knew it earlier. Real estate financing may contain a (convex) Put Option risk. Not the most stunning views, nor a delicious grilled scorpion fish, .. shall prevent from doing a little math, if issuers or investors want to transform beauty in a buck or two?