Aaron Brown - Red-Blooded Risk

I am not a book reviewer. But there are article writers who I follow. One of them Aaron Brown, who is a frequent writer in the Wilmott magazine. He is an original outside-the-box thinker and it is insightful and entertaining how he touches risk in a general sense and in financial practice. I wrote about his pointed view on VaR in VaR of the jungle.

Are We a Good Company? Is This a Luxury?

Inspired by the HBR November 2011 issue's  cover story What Great Companies Do Differently I thought, are we good? What is the meaning of "good"?

I remember, in traditional theories the notion dominated: good companies transform something into big margins. In our case it would be knowledge? Are we a machine that generates money from knowledge?

On Time Travel

Time travels raise a lot of questions (like the grandfather paradox) - political regimes banned time-travels-in-culture, because they were "irreverent" -  science says it can only go forward.

We Did it Right by Doing it Wrong?

Technical and economic feasibility do not always go as a couple. Since we launched UnRisk, we made decisions that might have seemed questionable at the time they were made. Design principles, algorithmic innovation, transparency and openness  ... do not always pay back immediately.

UnRisk goes Cross Platform

UnRisk-Q – Removing the irrational fear of new architectures

2001, when UnRisk started, quant finance practitioners in banks utilized almost exclusively Wintel platforms. Consequently, UnRisk was optimized for Wintel. 

Turning On The Innovation Spiral

Last week we conducted another development workshop with Solventis.

Solventis uses the UnRisk FACTORY as a valuation and risk engine producing massive information from portfolio across scenario and VaR calculations automatically.
That information is then transformed by distinguished analysis and test routines into special insight.
All together offered as SaaS/web platform to their customers for better decision support.
I wrote about the development partnership in A Barcelona Cloud That Rains Insight.