Joshie The Giraffe, Ritz Carlton Hotels And Exposure Engines

I've announced our event on exposure modeling / xVA calculations recently. It will take place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Vienna.

This reminded me of the beginning-hook story of the book UnSelling…about a family that spent a few days at a Ritz Carlton Hotel in Florida. Upon returning to California they discovered that their son's beloved stuffed giraffe, Joshie, had gone missing…knowing the son would probably not go to sleep without his favorite pal…the father decided to tell a little white lie: "Joshie's just taking a few more days on vacation at the resort…" (he told the hotel stuff about this story when asking for Joshie…)

Joshie had been found and shipped…and, surprisingly, the stuff has added a series of pictures witnessing Joshie's vacation…on a lounge chair by the pool wearing shades, getting a massage…and they also sent a Joshie at Ritz Carlton ID badge.

This is beyond customer service…

Beyond a seminar

Great to have our event at a Ritz Carlton…but our event is also driven by our "unselling" interpretation. We call  it a seminar, but it's designed as a "small-group process"...fully and interactively explaining
  • the regulatory framework
  • how to manage progressive problems
  • why it requires a set of new methods 
  • how we've built the engines for secure application
It's about a big change with individual consequences for individual market participants. It's complex but manageable. Especially in a framework of co-operation. So, we'll also point out that early project planning is required…and offer beyond customer service support.

Join us!