Will Financial Data Scientists Supersede Financial Modelers?

The trend for Big Data is evident. We realize how sexy data analytics has become, Data Scientists are the new rock stars and it is expected that they create the next internet gold rush.

I have published some thoughts about this here, after I have read the Wired article, The Exabyte Revolution.

sitmo and UnRisk - Part of the Open Innovation Commitment

In Open for Open Innovation I have outlined that we like this concept of in- and out-licensing, gaining and sharing ideas and embracing other parties when developing new products and technologies. It is part of our business model and a fix point in our compass.

UnRisk Goes Cross Language

First, we have unleashed our programming power behind UnRisk solutions - UnRisk-Q.
It provides every financial object and function in a domain-specific programming front-end, represented in Mathematica. 

As mentioned earlier here, we go far beyond - the All-New UnRisk .