sitmo and UnRisk - Part of the Open Innovation Commitment

In Open for Open Innovation I have outlined that we like this concept of in- and out-licensing, gaining and sharing ideas and embracing other parties when developing new products and technologies. It is part of our business model and a fix point in our compass.

To re-implenting the core, the pricing and calibration engines, of All-New UnRisk, we will share ideas and more with sitmo represented by Thijs van den Berg who started an open-source initiative - stdfin - for building modern, clean and fast C++ libraries for quant finance.

I know and value Thijs as a distinguished knowledgeable and open initiator and contributor to spirited discussions at Wilmott forums for several years now.

We, at UnRisk share Thijs' view that sound foundations are so important and that their orthogonal organization will have value in itself.
Consequently we will support the std fin initiative, sharing approaches, designs and maybe code.

Beyond the technical understanding, what sitmo and us have in common: passion for the new.