Solution Sales is Dead - Long Live Insight Sales?

In the Jul-Aug, 2012 issue of the HBR magazine, I read this article: The End of Solution Sales, by Adamson, Dixon and Toman.

Replacing "solution selling" by "insight selling" means to upend a customer's approach to its business and to be not afraid to push them out of their comfort zone?

This reminds me on one of Steve Jobs 14 success keys: Don't be a slave to focus groups.
And replying to this I want to emphasize on the fact that in our business requirements are changing so fast that we need tho transform featured customer experiences whilst driving generic technologies to customize quickly. We call this: made-to-measure architecture.

This would also be my answer to the authors of the article.  At the other hand, I agree to the organizational aspects of insight-based sales.
We can generalize the requirements of so many users.

This is why we sell solutions, development platforms and know-how packages - often in one. And it is really exciting to talk to change agents in agile organizations removing all barriers that might lead to unnecessary long decision and set up procedures.