We Have Passion, A Compass, Tons of Code - But Not a Name

We passionately work on the All-New UnRisk. A thoroughly elaborated compass guides us to do it right at once. We know that the timing is right, we have positioned it on the value/price map, know the licensing details, have done our strategic marketing work and we know there will be no product deficiency - in the opposite the fast growing implementations prove the concept.

Retro-Modern Vintage ...

interiors, cloths, hi-fi, art, ads, ... specializing in mid century things.
I confess, loft furniture from the 50s, 60s, 70s do not look bad. And I still like the loft jazz as it is represented in the Wildflowers Edition (but I have sold the LPs. It is stored on iPod now, played at GenevaLab).
And in If UnRisk was a Car I have the retro Fiat 500.

Risk Management has No Size

15-Mar-12. The Association of Austrian Investment Companies organized a seminar Risk Management on Investment Funds with a special emphasis on the Federal Act on Investment Funds 2011 and the regulative on derivatives.

Don't make Goods, make Betters.

The post is inspired by an review of Umair Hague's The New Capitalist Manifesto, reviewed in Jay Cross' Internet Time Blog. 21st century companies loved by its customers, envied by its peers, ... will not produce goods but betters .... is one summary on the book.

Cool Business

I could not resist and took another few days off enjoying cross country skiing in the Antholz Valley with its Biathlon Center offering professional trails - the same as used at the Biathlon Wold Cup.