Don't make Goods, make Betters.

The post is inspired by an review of Umair Hague's The New Capitalist Manifesto, reviewed in Jay Cross' Internet Time Blog. 21st century companies loved by its customers, envied by its peers, ... will not produce goods but betters .... is one summary on the book.

I agree that cold-blooded competition is an innovation stopper and with If UnRisk was a ... I have in mind to check whether we are valuing the betters, not goods with other innovative products of "insurgent" makers.

When we decided to Unleashing the Programming Power Behinds UnRisk we decided to value completion, not protection.

Consequently this is what UnRisk promises: we are Here For Innovation. To create innovation for quantitative risk management we first have transferred the most advanced numerical schemes from complex technical systems to solve financial models and successively tuned them to blazingly fast valuation and calibration engines. We enable them to drive heterogenous architectures with grids and massive parallel computing muscles.
Our all-new UnRisk will offer multi-programming language interfaces for customized development environments and integration options - C++,  Python, .Net, Java, Mathematica or what have you.

We are highly committed to deliver know-how packages with full model- and method transparency enabling quant developers to react to new market requirements and technology revolutions - as quick as we can.

It is not ideology. We, at UnRisk, are passionate about .....