Doping - Just Cheating?

Professional cycling has been rocked by scandals over the past years and recently the waves went even higher, when Floyd Landis, after 4 years fighting against his suspension, confessed his own doping and claimed that the practice is common and other riders and cycling officials are participating, including the cycling hero Lance Armstrong.


Some further thoughts on flexibility.
Let me start with Transformers , complicated mechanisms that can transform themselves into something completely different. 

Simplify First - Then Automate

ruled the days in the boom time of factory automation. In discrete manufacturing, simplification means, less parts in a configuration, of good nature for machining, handling, assembly and in-line quality assurance.

Want To Be Very Quick? Slow Down

I presented our hybrid UnRiskverse and our bootstrapping approach (develop UnRisk in partially UnRisk) to becoming very quick developers and customizers and let our quant users become quick developers. We use advanced development environments, like the Wolfram Workbench 2 and project management platforms (proprietary built around great open resources).

Babylonian Language Confusion or Optimized Multi-Paradigm Programming?

In quant finance forums, the questions on the right programming language pops up quite frequently. Like Why Do Quants Like C++ . In my contributions, I emphasize on analzse-requiremenst-and-choose-the-adaquete-programming-paradigm (not the other way arond). It is not always understood that one-size-fits-all does not fit for integrated industrial scale applications.

Blockbuster- or Incremental Innovation?

Again inspired by a HBR column (by Rosabeth Moss Kanter). Block buster products don't spring to work in the market place without incremental change.

Market Plunge - Human Error or Revolution of the Machines?

Market Plunge Baffles Wall Street . The stock market plunged Thursday in a harrowing five-minute selloff that appeared to be triggered by a breakdown of trading systems. After dropping nearly 1,000 points, the market rebounded but still closed down 3.2%, leaving Wall Street struggling to figure out what happened.

Some Questions Can Be Answered Before Asked

I am often asked questions like "How can I valuate a convertible bond in the Mathematica Front End?" or "How can I calibrate a LIBOR market model within Mathematica?" or .... After I have answered the question I also tell them to explore the usage of UnRisk in the Mathematica Front End at UnRisk Exploration. Following Documentation one can find the whole documentation of the UnRisk PRICING ENGINE - it's exactly the same documentation as our users find in the Mathematica Documentation Center.