Innovation Catalysts

Comparative large financial institutions are given advantages: infrastructure, strong brand reputation, partner relationships, scientific knowledge, process excellence and experience with regulators.

The Worst Kind of Pricer

What is the use of a financial instrument pricer that calculates significant wrong prices? Randomly over- or underprice? If we knew how much it fails, it was not so bad, but ....

If you use no pricing software, you go searching the right price, but a wrong pricer?
(better no clock than a randomly imprecise one ..)

The Makers

In the WIRED Issue with the cover story Stay Creative the editor-in-chief of the US WIRED, Chris Anderson, wrote about The Makers. It is about the Do It Yourself (DIY) revolution and an extract from his book: Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. 

Stay Creative

Cover story, Wired UK Edition, Oct-12. Ferran Adria, world-famous chef, at the cover of a magazine about the innovators building a better world.

Automation - Put Your Computers to Good Use While You Are Sleeping

Our FACTORY or FACTORY Capital Manager customers enjoy their broad coverage, integrated valuation and data management, fast time-to-productivity, low cost of ownership, ... but especially its automation and enormous throughput.