Shh, .... UnRisk FACTORY 4 is Coming

In about a month, we will take UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager version 4 to financial institutions.

It will update all new deal types, like inflation and commodity linked products, generalized hybrid contract and scheduling features, an enhanced VaR Universe, ... from UnRisk-Q version 6, and add new features on instrument and scenario grouping and task automation.

In total I have counted over 50 new features.

Let me say a little about structures, abstraction and names.
One of the principles of UnRisk is hierarchical and hybrid group building. With the valuation of nested groups of instruments across nested groups of scenarios you can practically do any simulation and analysis.
You might miss the concrete words, portfolio, stress test, ... but an instrument group can be a new complex product structured from simpler ones, a product/model combination or a portfolio (all nested, if you want). And scenario groups can be configurations of shifts, twists, individual bending .. on all type of risk elements. Consequently you can do model validation and run any stress test ...
The VaR Universe simply is an instant instrument group across special scenario groups simulation and analysis.

If you describe this as a task, it will be run automatically at one click or automatically triggered at a time .