Automation - Put Your Computers to Good Use While You Are Sleeping

Our FACTORY or FACTORY Capital Manager customers enjoy their broad coverage, integrated valuation and data management, fast time-to-productivity, low cost of ownership, ... but especially its automation and enormous throughput.

The components to providing this are blazingly fast, inherently parallel engines that can be utilized by scheduled tasks. You set up a schedule for, say, managing the market data and run various analytics of instrument groups along arbitrary complex scenario groups - over night.

With instrument groups we organize the configuration of higher instruments from simpler ones (if possible) or portfolios. With scenario groups we define sets of scenarios (arbitrarily manipulating all kinds of terms of risk factors), or even sets of models and methods.

So, the objective of such scheduled tasks might be: instrument building and testing, model validation, advanced risk management processes with stress tests, comprehensive VaR calculations, back testing, benchmarking, and what have you.

To aggregate and analyze the massive output the FACTORY calculates untiringly, we provide a high level programming front-end in UnRisk-Q that can access the FACTORY data base and apply mathematical, statistical or machine learning schemes to create even more insight.

Many of or users come into the office in the morning and click to view the results first. If they are out, they just use their tablet computers - possible because of the web from-end of the UnRisk FACTORY.