The Makers

In the WIRED Issue with the cover story Stay Creative the editor-in-chief of the US WIRED, Chris Anderson, wrote about The Makers. It is about the Do It Yourself (DIY) revolution and an extract from his book: Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. 

It is about start-up factories of digital makers, combining (low cost) computer aided engineering, design and manufacturing systems, 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining enabling entrepreneurs with great product ideas to make products (automatically).
Not surprisingly one metaphor for the DIY revolution are the easy pickings of the web - any person with a great idea can create the seeds for a world-changing-company. It suggests that to become an entrepreneur is not so hard any longer.

But, ironically the information industry itself is not always open for a manufacturing-style product making. How many are digital makers of software systems? How many are in the world of quantitative finance?

2008, Guillermo Alfaro Bau, Partner Director of Solventis, UnRisk customer since 2004, built up such a quantitative finance factory in his consulting services group - providing highly specialized and practical services online.
His factory assesses over 6000 financial instruments, derivatives and structured products of different complexity and underlying assets, valued over EUR 100 Billion on a daily base for several financial institutions, calculates risk of hundreds of investment funds, ...

The core of his factory is the UnRisk FACTORY and VaR Universe that produce massive valuable, when not indispensable information each minute. To transform this information with Solventis' specific knowledge into individual insight and benefits for their customers, we have enriched our UnRisk-Q with link technologies that get all information from the FACTORY data base for further processing.  It provides a rich set of functions to analyze, evaluate and visualize these data, configure them to comprehensive automated tasks, ... all web-enabled.

It is really amazing, what Guillermo Alfaro Bau's team of economists, mathematicians and computer experts has built atop our (low cost) engines, the FACTORY and development work benches.

I am really glad that he will present Solvenis' innovations at our 11 Year of UnRisk Summit.