The Brave And The Bold

Harvard Business Review Article: Managing Risk in the New World; Has the development of tools for assessing risk lulled people in believing risk is now easier to control?

Penguins in Bondage?

After having published the Vanilla building post, I saw the march-of-the-penguins photo. And I thought, are those two trying to change direction?
However, most change initiatives fail.

Back to Plain Vanilla Instruments?

Yes, since the beginning of the crisis markets have shifted to new regimes, characterized by almost unimaginable anomalies. It has exposed failures in risk management and even familiar models and valuation techniques became unmasked as unreliable. 

When Good ENUF is Great

8-Oct-09, the Risky Horror Show was exciting for us, and, I believe, for the participants.
Paul Wilmott traveled around the world and gave many interviews for the most reputable media giving insight in why the risky horror occurs. Paul is really one of the most influencing quants.