A Stock Market Panic is an Avalanche

Econophysics, obtain economics insights  from the physical world. Through this eyes a stock market panic is an avalanche. Remember, starling flocks are flying avalanches.

Don't Get Blinded By The Numbers?

Just an hour after the release of previous post,
I read this column from Roger L. Martin in HBR, Mar-11
Although factors such as design and trust can be reduced to numbers, they can be interpreted and understood, Martin summarizes.

I agree (if you have them in the right time and shape).

Learn From The Future

I am over 60 and I am still a student.
Meeting people with bright ideas and deep knowledge at a conference always triggers a phase of informing, investigating, exploring and constructing knowledge (sometimes brooding).

UnRisk on NVIDIA Tesla - Feel the Heat

We just returned from the Frankfurt MathFinance Conference where we contributed with our concepts, methods and tools utilizing the NVIDIA Tesla architectures.

Can't Say "No"?

I frequently read, what Dan Ariely publishes and posts on behavioral economics. Today: my problem with "Just say No".

Multi-Strategy and Multi-Method

Some time ago, I read Aaron Brown's article in Wilmott magazine Jan-11, The Education of a QuantLocked into a single risk model? Better no model at all. 

The Basis of the Universe Isn't Matter or Energy - It's Data

Interview in WIRED Mar-11, with the author of the book The Information, James Gleick. Information flows everywhere, through wires and genes, through brain cells and quark. But the conclusion in short is, the universe we know is only information.