Toward the End of Should?

Doctors should never advertise, hit musicians should be American or British, good wine should come from Bordeaux or Burgundy, great deals should be done by legal experts, effective leaders should control, big systems should come from major technology players, financial software should come from NY or London, object-oriented programming should be in C++ or Java, gadgets should not be utilized to crunch tons of numbers ... ?

The emergence of development technologies and tools, the democratization of information and knowledge, the better understanding of the essence of computation, great deployment mechanisms, frameworks for inbound marketing, ... enable comparatively small exotic outfits in exotic places to  make great systems.
It allowed us for choosing an open innovation approach - we in-license the most advanced technologies and out-license solutions - UnRisk FACTORY - and the programming power behind - UnRisk-Q.
The transformations are empowered by our core competences: financial engineering, mathematical modeling and simulation, numerical schemes, inverse problems, sw engineering, machine learning, ...

The UnRiskVerse

And we price our advances into a benefit of our customers - our systems can be used with unprecedented low cost of ownership.

This post was stimulated by reading Seth Godin's Post. It motivated me to take a wider view than in  my Provenance Paradox post.