Make Someone Else's Important Deadline

Great software development technologies and deep design are good for many things. They help us to make software product efficient, stable, extendible, easy to integrate and development processes swift, understandable, .... To make it fit for purpose, effective and, say, blazingly fast you need domain knowledge and in-depth methodological know-how.

Development technologies also help you to react quickly to someone's spontaneous request - if a customer of a customer wanted a special instrument, treatment, ... now .... next release is a bad answer.

This is why we have decided from the beginning to make kind of made-to-measure products - products that are made from a base pattern, but customizable without going too deep into the structure - we often develop UnRisk in UnRisk. Products that enable us to deliver customized releases that do not run into a dead-end of incompatibility with future releases.

We bundled this strategic factor into the pointed objective: make it, before the technology provider market answers a telephone call.

And it turns out that this is one of the most important advantages. We quite often manage to make an imminent deadline of a customer.