Great Auditors Do Not Only Audit

It seems to be common sense that an audit is an evaluation of an entity. Financial auditing is the verification of the financial statements of legal entities.
An external auditor is a professional who  performs an audit in accordance with specific laws ... She is independent of the entity being audited.

Financial audits include risk management ..

There are four top global auditing firms from which Deloitte is leading in revenues (together with PWC). They provide audit, consulting, tax, risk management and financial advisory services, highlighting the importance of regulatory and legislative reforms, risk intelligence, business analytics, growth and transformation strategies and emerging technologies.

Great auditors do not only say what, but also how.
Deloitte has audited UnRisk based risk management processes in Austria and Deloitte Financial Advisory Austria has decided to do exactly this: providing advanced analytics in derivatives, structured products and portfolios through a Systems-as-a-Server to all kind of financial market participants.

They selected UnRisk-Q, the UnRisk VaR Universe and special UnRisk services as engines driving their advanced online services, web enabled through their sophisticated data management services.

Obviously, integrating advanced valuation and data management requires a special development partnership with full insight and transparency. We started 2012 and the progress is unbelievable swift - due to the a great mutual understanding, focused expertise but know-how transfer and generic technologies.

Wolfgang Mair, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Financial Advisory will present the project at our 11 Years of UnRisk Event. I am really pleased about ...