Meet UnRisk in Tokyo

Wolfram Research Asia, Hulinks and us invite to a seminar presenting the Wolfram Finance Platform and UnRisk in Tokyo.

UnRisk and Wolfram Finance Platform for Advanced Derivative Analytics and Risk Management

23-Oct-12, 13:00 to 17:00, Shoken Building, Tokyo, Japan

Event Type: a free-to-attend seminar

Details: Event Page

At the event, we will point out that there are reasons to introduce numerical schemes that are not common in financial circles, that each single task in quant finance bears the danger of fundamental mistakes, why those can become horrible in interplay and present the UnRisk way to avoid them and providing process-through consistency to valuation and risk management.

We will also present how UnRisk integrated the optimized pricing and calibration engines  into Mathematica, taking full advantage of its, declarative language, inherent parallelism and analytics capabilities.