Simplification is the Real Sophistication

... a statement with this semantics has been made by Leonardo da Vinci. I agree.

I have changed the design of this blog. You might have seen that I have tumbled between various results never really happy. The Blogger Template Designer is a fantastic tool : it really guides you to great results via an evolutionary prototyping approach. But I always wanted too much, without knowing really, what too much is.

This weekend I suffered from a moderate, but nasty flu and my energy was just enough to read a few novels - The Detour, Gerbrand Bakker, Heaven and Hell, Jon Kalman Stefansson and the Buddha in the Attic,  Julie Otsuka. Their themes could not be more different, but they have, IMO, one thing in common: the complexity of lifes in different environments - expectations, risk and uncertainty, with often impressionable results ... are narrated in laconic texts. Forceful because of their simplicity. Quiet reads that linger long in the mind.

And this guided me to my final blog design. Just so - good or bad.

Today, I read Stability through simplicity, in Mark Buchanan's Blog.  ..... acknowledge the existence of pervasive instabilities in finance ..... work hard to explore the space of what might happen .... but in complex environments, simple rules often outperform complex ones .....

Coming to the conclusion: simplify regulations. I agree. But life only happens on the small border between chaos and order. And simplicity has different meanings, dependent where you are. It might need an evolutionary prototyping process to get it better.