UnRisk FACTORY 4 Is Released

29-Oct-12 - UnRisk took UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager version 4 to financial institutions.

It updates all new deal types and, like inflation and commodity linked products, generalized hybrid contract and scheduling features, an enhanced VaR Universe, ... from UnRisk-Q version 6, and adds new features on instrument and scenario grouping and task automation.

In total I have counted over 50 new features.

Most adding to the principles automation-with-enormous-throughput and programming and structuring flexibility.

The swift development - UnRisk FACTORY 4 is the 9th major release since the FACTORY was introduced 2008 - is driven by the UnRisk FATORY Capital Manager, requiring one-click or scheduled automation and UnRisk-Q the programming power behind that we have unleashed 2 years ago.

With FACTORY 4 we introduce enhanced link technologies (web services) that enable UnRisk-Q to work with FACTORY objects and data.

Find a little more here.