Retro-Modern Vintage ...

interiors, cloths, hi-fi, art, ads, ... specializing in mid century things.
I confess, loft furniture from the 50s, 60s, 70s do not look bad. And I still like the loft jazz as it is represented in the Wildflowers Edition (but I have sold the LPs. It is stored on iPod now, played at GenevaLab).
And in If UnRisk was a Car I have the retro Fiat 500.

And I understand that buying furniture from, say, Jean-Michel Frank is an investment.

But as a movement? Bundled?
Retro futurism claims that houses that are trips both backwards and forwards in time are modern?
Some see even retro look trends?

At the other hand this does not harm anybody.

But what about a retro money system? Back to mid century gold standards?
I really hope the money system will move into derivatives money (as it is described in Aaron's book Red-Blooded Risk) with clearing houses ...

And I promise that we will not fall back into mid century programming styles and software design.
No Vintage UnRisk. No retro futurism.
The All-New UnRisk will use and support the latest methodologies and technologies. So new that we don't even have a name for it.