Risk Management has No Size

15-Mar-12. The Association of Austrian Investment Companies organized a seminar Risk Management on Investment Funds with a special emphasis on the Federal Act on Investment Funds 2011 and the regulative on derivatives.

Thomas Meitz, head of Schoellerbank Invest, described the problem, the project, the partner criteria, the assessment and procedure and how quick and smoothly he could set up advanced risk management processes with UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager and how quick he received the certificate from an international auditor.

Andres Binder gave full explanation on the approaches, methodologies and technologies and pointed out that there are uncertainties and severe traps and why UnRisk's principles are innovation, consistency, model confidence, numerical quality and open information policy, to avoid them.

Michael Schwaiger presented in life examples, how comprehensive analysis can be performed with little interaction.

About 30 attendees from association members, at the level of managing directors and heads of risk management discussed spiritedly the special relations between the complexity of the funds, its instruments and the risk measures. There is one common sense. Those comparatively small outfits need the same risk management processes as the large market participants, but for for smaller volumes.
They need systems for the small.
And this is exactly what we do. We scale our amazing feature rich FACTORY, as widely used  by banks on clusters, by computational power and concurrent users and add customized functionality for capital managers.  Run it on an 8 Core machine and with 4 concurrent users ....