XL for Xmas

A kind of ad that you might find quite frequently right now. XL may be a clothing size but also brands have XL extensions. Cars, computers, music labels, ... and even a programming language, not to be confused with XML.

XL in Roman numerals means 40.

UnRisk XL (a fictive extension that is used for curio and word play in the following) was an engine configuration of NW-1 and 2 Grid-Units with (8+16+16) 40 computational kernels that are used in parallel. A network server with one front end (NW-1) controls a networked pool of 40 computational kernels. This is a very powerful engine either stand alone or integrated into our UnRisk FACTORY.

UnRisk XS? In Roman numerals this would mean an engine with 10.5 computational kernels? The next real engine was UnRisk IIX with 8 computational kernels in a box -  a configuration that is now standard in quality Laptops. UnRisk IIX can be easily upgraded to UnRisk XII (by a 4 computational kernel extension) ... to max UnRisk XX (by 3 extensions), ... There is no UnRisk XXL.

UnRisk IIX builds the core of our smallest UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager solution, but it is also available stand alone.

At the moment UnRisk-Q IV is the smallest UnRisk unit. This will change to UnRisk-Q IIX soon. The next 2 months UnRisk-Q IIX will be offered for the price of UnRisk-Q IV. This may save about EUR 3000.

Would you consider to order UnRisk-Q IIX for Xmas?