Build, Measure, Learn

About 15 years ago we built some convertible bond pricing tools for a London based trading desk. From that point we built the Unriskverse.

Transforming advanced mathematical schemes from complex technical problem solving to finance, in the special case Adaptive Integration a kind of asymptotic math approach, we were able to value convertibles with complex contract features, like resets, soft calls .... The market fitness of the product has been proven in concrete trades and we learned a lot about the business in closing feed-back loops with the traders, product controllers, ....

And we applied this three-step process, when launching our UnRisk PRICING ENGINE, about 11 years ago, adding a strong foundation especially for interest rate linked contracts for intermediate banks. Based on measurements and constant feed-back it quickly grew and comes now as UnRisk 6, the 19th release with a broad coverage.

2008 we launched the UnRisk FACTORY on demand of 3 of our featured customers who wanted to extend their usage from derivatives and small portfolio analytics to risk management. It was measured with views to price consistency, model confidence, the quality of valuation and data management, the throughput and the degree of automation. Together with the VaR Universe building the UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager  it is now also used by a fast growing number of capital management institutions.

Before we have unleashed our programming power behind UnRisk - UnRisk-Q, it has supported Solventis, Barcelona extending their SaaS web platform that has been built atop the UnRisk FACTORY with own advanced processes. We have learned that it requires to add special UnRisk Services and the VaR Universe to UnRusk-Q.

And now reinventing UnRisk, by newUnRisk, fruit of a continuous constructive learning process, we have again provided innovators with the core systems enabling them to build innovative solutions in joint projects.
In a reverse innovation process, we make UnRisk even faster, more flexible and earlier to adapt and extend. And to provide again much more for less. Early adopters are again financial services providers.

In a kind of a future contract those innovators will get exactly what they need and we know what abstractions are required to enable quick extendability.

Build, measure, learn is a process that really pays back, when applied repeatedly. It is our "secret" to stay a comparatively small outfit, although servicing a fast growing customer base and offer unprecedented high values for low prices.