More Theme Orientation, Better Rhythm - a Mathematician's Wednesday and a Physicist's Friday

We started our blog with The UnRiskverse - 13-May-09 with a hand full page visits per day. Now we enjoy an average of about 170 page visits per day.

But we do not write to get picked and maximize visits. Writing is learning.  Trying to explain more ore less complex behavior in plain English is challenging (especially for us - English is not our mother tongue).

We know our objectives, we know our reader segment and we want to improve what we write. One thing is themes and the other the rhythm. We want you to know better what you can expect when.

Consequently, we decided that Andreas Binder will post on Wednesday and Michael Aichinger on Friday. They will write with the eye of a mathematician, a physicist respectively. But although they are the authors of A Workout in Computational Finance, it will not only be about advanced methods and schemes, it will be about various topics in and around quant finance.

It will start soon.

We also plan to write more about computer science (Sascha Kratky, UnRisk chief software engineer) and usage (Michael Schwaiger, UnRisk product manager).

I hope you will enjoy ....

Picture from sehfelder