Four Ways To Answer Quant Finance Questions

I read this in Noahpinon's Blog. I like this blog, because of the original thinking and a right portion of humor. And I really find Noah's trust in his team great - delegating the blog continuation while he is taking a break from blogging.

 There are questions that should
  1. be answered categorically
  2. be answered with an analytic answer, defining or redefining terms
  3. be answered with a counter question
  4. be put aside
I apply ... 

Q: Does the Finite Element Method in quant finance really matter? 
  1. Yes
  2. You are most probably asking about financial instruments that's behavior can be modeled by PDEs. FEM has helped to solve many complex problems in engineering and physics. It is also a perfect algorithmic representation of the convection-reaction-diffusion equations arising in the modeling of financial instruments. We have described the principles of the method and its advances here
  3. Did you have the chance to compare the representation of a short rate model, like the Hull-White model, by modified FEM with that by trinomial trees? To tree or not to tree
  4. **nods**
Q: Should a quant buy UnRisk?
  1. Yes
  2. You are probably asking for a platform that supports you with structuring and testing new deal types, do model validation and more comprehensive what-if analysis and stress tests, utilize a  VaR Universe ... instead of struggling with solvers inverse problems of calibration.... You want to program in a declarative, financial language, utilize a numerically optimized parallel engine and visualize results dynamically with a source code so little that it could be used on a smart phone - it is UnRisk-Q
  3. Do you want to implement a system swiftly that could compete our risk management factory?
  4. **presents price scheme** 
We love to sell and we love to explain what is behind - and answer any question.