It has a Name - UnRisk

Two weeks ago, it was still UnRisk Unnamed. In the mean time the core team had a creative dinner, enjoying north-indian food, and we have a name now - UnRisk.
It just came out of a natural conversation.

Just thinking what is it what all our tools and solutions will have in common and will be called from everywhere. Before, we were probably over-inspired by our manufacturing metaphor, use-patterns, ...
But it became clear when we discussed the names for concrete front-end representations, say, UnRisk Mathematica, UnRisk Excel, ... They will come with UnRisk Services linking UnRisk to data bases and what have you. And we will create UnRisk Add Ons for a broad variety of high level domain specific programming. It became obvious - only UnRisk can serve. It will come with a C++ and Python face.

It was so simple. It is the structure of UnRisk FACTORY.
Opened for developers: UnRisk, UnRisk Services, UnRisk Add Ons, ...

A few days ago, I read in the Apr-12 UK issue of Wired Magazine:
The New Rules Of Creativity.

Paint the walls blue - no we did not
Watch more comedy - some of us really do and we frequently talk about them
Don't brainstorm - how can you brainstorm while eating?

The work will not change, but we know now, how to call it.
Generative strategies and the latest technologies will be tied to a computational finance innovation - UnRisk.