Wall Street Loses Career Magnetism

DealB%k, Kevin Roose wrote Wall Street's Latest Campus Recruiting Crises. The essence of the article: the best and brightest students are turning to other industries.

It might be a logical transition step in the evolution of co-operation in the large, a result of pointed criticism with manifestos on a new capitalism or the feeling that too much job competition and unfairness  kills innovation.

In  Don't make Goods, make Betters I referred to possibly new higher business objectives, like socio-relevance, socio-adaquacy, socio-efficiency, ...

However, if students find quantitative finance less creative because of socio-cultural reasons, financial industries will run into severe problems.

Usually, one of the consequences of such recruiting crisis is more automation. But we find much more important is openness and cooperation by new kind of mergers. We are highly committed to do exactly this. Complete, not protect.
We are not megalomanic. As a comparatively small outfit, we will not change the world. But groups working with us can be sure that we are here to innovate and make open know-how packages not profits at first.