Shhh, ... UnRisk 6 is Coming

In about a month, we will take UnRisk-Q and UnRisk PRICING ENGINE version 6 to financial institution's developing quants and risk professionals.

It will include new deal types including commodity and inflation linked instruments with a vast variety of contract features. It has extended its support of heterogeneous CPU-GPU architectures and UnRisk-Q will be cross platform - Windows, Linux or OS X.
It will be the 19th release in 10 UnRisk years.

UnRisk-Q and UnRisk PRICING ENGINE offer identical deal type coverage, models and methods. UnRisk-Q includes an access kit to the UnRisk FACTORY data base and there is the comprehensive VaR Universe atop it available.

The price for UnRisk 6 will remain unchanged.  It is fully scalable in multi-CPU + multi-GPU architectures. Each UnRisk seat  comes with 4 parallel computational kernels and the extendability to one GPU card.