Reverse Innovation

At the first strategy meetings in 2001 we have decided to make a big system for the small. And yes, our over hundred customers are small and medium sized  financial market participants, banks, capital management firms, asset management groups at insurance and independent financial services institutions.

We knew from the beginning: this requires to establish radical goals like all the capabilities for a fraction of the usual price and consequently a fraction of the cost. In development, we did not compromise - we selected the best models, the best solvers and the best implementation techniques. It was  possible, because we have transferred knowledge and solvers from complex technical problem solvers and selected Mathematica as high level platform. To keep the pace in mathematical problem solving, we still work on problems, like adaptive optics (for the very large telescope in Chile), simulating combustion engines' fluid dynamics, process simulation in chemical reactors, modelling metal forming in rolling processes, ...

Now with our amazing achievements and experiences, and not only with the All-New UnRisk, we will bring UnRisk also to large market participants.

With our strategy we have overcome the Provenance Paradox and larger organizations begin to recognize that our low price does not mean low value at all.
We entered into innovative (confidential) projects with large market participants already.
Usually makers stretch and expand from large clients to smaller and more peripheral segments. Our reverse-innovation approach pays back multiple.

Our research, development and SW engineering process is not constrained by quality, coverage or performance limits, but by cost  reduction through innovation. And we out-license simply by unleashing our technologies as products and know-how packages.