Bullet Trains are Coming

I read in Wired Feb-10 . After decades of false starts, planners are finally beginning to make headway on what could become the largest, most complicated infrastructure project ever attempted in the US. Technically, Speed-Trains are high-voltage rockets. Fast Train History leads to TGV with a speed record of 357 MPH.

Yes, such infrastructure and bullet trains redraw economic maps.

This week "The Economist" had a special report on financial risk with an article embedded: "Number-crunchers crunched". ... The eggheads are now in the dock, along with their probabilistic models ... but later ... Modelling is not going away; indeed number-crunchers who are devising new ways to protect investors from outlying risks are gaining influence .. .. As for VAR, it may be hopeless at signaling rare sever losses, but the process by which it is produced adds enormously to the understanding of everyday risk (says, Aaron Brown in the article).
It is all about running stress tests with comprehensive scenarios including shock scenarios.

This needs a High Performance Computing infrastructure and ultrafast but accurate and robust model solvers (the bullet trains) wit a perfect load balance and logistics control.
UnRisk's high-speed environment redraw return-and-risk maps.

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