Where Are We On The Agenda 2011

This year I have rented a little apartment in an old post station at one of Austria's most beautiful lakes - the Attersee.
Next week I will take a few days off and enjoy this view when coming through the veteran wooden boathouse to capture the first sun beams of the morning. Looking back a little - Gustav Mahler stayed in this corners composing …

Half of 2011 has passed and I ask myself, did we sail well relating to our UnRisk Agenda 2011?
Yes, we made the box blazingly fast. The acceleration by GPU motivated us to re-engineer algorithms and multiply acceleration to x00*100.
(x number of NVIDIA Tesla 20 series GPUs)
Unleashing our innovations, we empower quant developers to build advanced applications atop UnRisk-Q and its VaR Universe. Both available with UnRisk 5. released a month ago.
UnRisk 5 technology will be integrated into the UnRisk FACTORY 3 end of this summer.
The box gets whiter and whiter - seminars and publications of the UnRisk Academy have been well received by our customers.
Web tool development for SaaS/web platform developers are well in progress and we have achieved exciting results when testing preprocessing algorithms on the iPad.

In summary, we have
  • made our accurate and robust pricing and calibration engine blazingly fast by scalable grid and GPU support
  • added new deal types and solvers
  • extended the finance-specifivc language and task building capabilities
  • tools for web deployment
for an integrated but minimalist infrastructure and adopted our scalable licensing and pricing scheme leading to possible price per performance reductions to a tenth. 
UnRisk-Q on a Quadcore computer with one Tesla GPU totals to only approx EUR 9100 purchase with 1 year premium service.

To know, we sail well is a nice pillow for a short holiday with stunning views.