Technologies That Makes Us More Angelic?

In the special issue The WIRED World 2013 a guide that gives its readers foresight into trends and ideas that will shape the coming year I read about angel technology. 
Technologies have made us more effective and efficient. Angel technologies will make as more angelic.

They shall help us to behave better in controlling our toughest diseases, our wasteful spending and  many other things. The possibilities are endless - angel tech that uses behavioral science shall help us to run our lives better, from healthcare to banking.

Angel tech in quant finance might need to work with "smart" portfolios that use classifications of investors and optimize themselves dynamically or at least control asset allocation by measuring risk and expected returns .... related to current market activities to meet investors investment strategies.

To do this might require even more massive calculations of prices and risk spectra and frequently calibrate and recalibrate models, ... taking in account that risk, return and correlations change with market behavior constantly.
To master the complexity it may be required to apply rules or even extract them automatically. A challenge we face with optimism - because of our deep mathematical finance and machine learning knowledge and the many tools .....