1977, The TRS-80 Was Announced on 3-Aug

"Wired", This Day in Tech , Tandy Corp of Texas announced the manufacture of the first mass-product personal computer. 

The TRS-80 was a desktop machine woefully underpowered by todays standards - 4 KB of RAM, a built-in cassette-based data recorder, a BASIC interpreter ...  and oh, yes it came with Blackjack and Blackgammon.
This was the dawn of the personal computers age ....

Todays standards? Power users are now empowered by multicore machines and CUDA frameworks increasingly boost number-crunching. In Taming The Machine Infernal I wrote about our tests with various solvers in UnRisk.
Unlike others, we do it the UnRisk way avoiding quick-releases and now make comprehensive testing on the next generation CUDA architecture, code named Fermi with improved double precision treatment that is indispensable in calibration  and optimization of financial models and objects. Oh yes, it improves and boosts ....
I keep you informed.
Will history record Fermi as significant milestone? Yes, IMO.