Rumors Come To Light

"Apple tablet computers", rumors come to light in high frequency now. I will like them.

I think they are things people want and are willing to pay for because they take-and-use them.
They will have a web browser as small operating system that runs client applications or front-ends for server applications. Everyware. SW that goes where its users go.

I think of asset, fund and risk management groups and their requirements. They need to do product testing, model testing, stress testing, back testing, effective testing, portfolio .... often under hard time constraints and personal-multi-tasking-and-mobility requirements.

For small financial businesses, we will buy the latest 8 Core DELL Workstation, pre-install it with our gridUnRisk Local engine, the UnRisk FACTORY data base and web-enabling services. Pack 4 "Apple tablet computers" to it and ship it to those power users. They will pay for what I bring to their desk.

Much to do? No, the FACTORY front-end runs on my iPhone already.

Oh yes, I will like the Apple tablet computers.

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